Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February Glossy box ...

February Glossy box opening....

Hey everyone (if there's anyone out there reading this that is..)

So today I came home to this months Glossybox waiting for me, always a great moment when you walk towards the door! And obviously I quickly ripped it open, as anyone beauty blogger/fanatic would do!

This months glossybox - February 2013
Here's all the goodies :D

This months theme is Valentine's Day (annoying that I received it the day after but hey ho!) 

So in this month's box came:

  1. Narciso Rodriguez for her l'eau
  2. MeMeMe Fat Cat Lengthening Mascara
  3. Micabella mineral blush powder
  4. Voulez-Vous warming body oil - Margarita
  5. Helen E Cosmetics moisturising lipstick - Caribbean 

So I'll tell you a little bit about each product and what my first thoughts are upon them ,then if love them enough to repurchase them, you'll see them in my next blog post!

Narciso Rodriguez for her l'eau

£23 for 30ml

A brand popular with brides, Narciso Rodriguez for her has been given a new lease of life, the new edgier version probably not for brides, the l'eau edition, and believe me it does smell totally different  It's described as 'the perfect scent for valentine's day' and I would say that's farely true. Although it's not my favored scent I can see where they are coming from. Upon first smell I instantly dislike it if I'm honest! But this doesn't mean you won't like it, I'm extremely fussy about fragrance. The one thing I do like is the packaging, the pretty pale pink is really cute.

MeMeMe Fat Cat lengthening mascara

£7.99 Superdrug

This mascara from MeMeMe is branded as a 'best seller' by glossybox, yet I haven't heard of it, especially not on the youtube scene... which is strange. Anywho, as I major fan on Benefit's They're real mascara, I'm always weary about buying and trying new mascara's as expectations are too high. Although I am yet to try this brush out, I really like the simple yet effective packaging and the brush looks quite good too. An odd thing I happened to instantly notice was the smell of the mascara, it smells bloomin amazing!

Micabella Cosmetics mineral blush powder mb-4

£34.95 for 9g  - expensive stuff :O

As this mineral blush is expensive, I'm expecting miracles, at the very least wonders. It appears to be a bit like Bare Minerals Warmth, it has a similar colouring anyway, I wouldn't call it blush, its orangey/brown colour makes it more of a bronzer or great to use for contouring those cheekbones. This little pot of gold (or at least it should be a that price) could be much better packaged, it simply looks like one of those £1 blusher's you can get from body care when your on a budget. However I may still be amazed.....

Voulez- Vous warming body oil - Margarita

£20 for set of 6

My initial thoughts upon seeing this product in the box was 'ooooo... I've never tried a body oil', basically excitement. However last night I tested this product out especially for you lot and I was not impressed. The oil claims to be 'warming' and 'non-sticky' both of which are false claims in my opinion. I applied it after a bath and before I went to bed, it was so sticky and uncomfortable though but I resisted the temptation to wash it off there and then and wait till morning to see if it had amazing effects. It failed me again, no surprises there. Seriously wouldn't recommend this product. It didn't even smell nice, it was literally like putting melted butter on my skin. Eurgh.

Helen E Cosmetics Moisturising lipstick - Caribbean 


So I had doubted the shade of this lipstick after first seeing it, however I'm now delighted with this product after wearing it today. The shade is what I would describe as a mature coral colour. I had though perhaps too mature but after swatching it and feeling how creamy and truly moisturising it was, I was instantly in love. In winter I hate faffing about juggling lip balms and bold lip colours so this product by Helen E Cosmetics really solves my problems! 

So thats this month's glossybox, stay tuned for next months! I wonder what the theme will be? Leave a comment if you got this months glossybox and tell me what you think of the February products!

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