Monday, 11 February 2013

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn...... Bioderma!


Big news! I have finally, finally got my mitts on a lovely but rather small considering the price tag bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H2O, the joys!!!

This little bottle of miracle working holy water is quite frankly a necessity in any girls toiletry bag, I mean it has to be good to overthrow Mrs Liz Earle of her throne. The 250ml bottle of liquid gold does come at a hefty price though,  €25 to be exact! The watery looking liquid is basically a cleanser/toner for use on the face, eyes and neck twice a day, ideally applied using a cotton pad. The formula itself proclaims to 'effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the cutaneous balance' so it cleanses your face without messing up all the oils and stuff. 

If you have dry/oily skin like me, then this is a great buy and although its a large price to pay for such a small amounts, you'll like to know that a little goes a long way and best of all since i bought it (typically I might add) Bioderma have announced that due to it's popularity UK pharmacy's are soon to stock this heavenly brand and selling the 250ml bottle at just £9.97! 

You've no excuses now ladies!

P.s. In the picture I included the extra large cotton wool pads which I picked up from the baby range in boots, although I did recieve a few odd looks searching for these problem solvers, their brilliant for use with the bioderma as you only need one pad per use
Extra Large Cotton wool pads - £2.20 for pack of 60 Boots


Offers - Boots YSL

I told you I'd inform you of any offers didn't I!

Well here's a good'un if your looking to try something from the YSL range:

I highly recommend the new Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation (I'm the shade B50), of which I have just bought 2 of! 
I also am I HUGE fan of the glossy stains, I have the shade 10, red but I find it's more of a dark pink colour. 

So the offer on is basically you buy 2 YSL products, which can be anything from makeup to fragrance and you'll receive an extra 2,000 points which is the equivalent to £20 worth of points!

Do not, I repeate DO NOT miss this deal!!!


First Up....

Hellooooo there......

Ok, so when thinking about what my first blog post should be I had a couple of ideas floating around my beauty filled brain. The first a review, the second, an all time favourite's list and the third, a short but sweet introduction to me, myself and I. 

Eventually, no seriously it took a lot of thought, I decided on the former, but lets be honest it will end up being all three!

So here goes, 

I go by the name of Amy Burke
I currently study Primary Education at Edgehill University
I'm still a newbie in the scary transition that is University.

Moving swiftly onto the interesting beauty related bits....

I kind of love/on the verge of being obsessed with beauty and all it's glorious products.
I've somehow managed to avoid the fact that I am now a 'poor' student and really shouldn't be spending £29 on a foundation!
I'd say my obsession has grown in the last year or so
My friend, Jess, has travelled on this beauty journey beside me and is too fanatical about beauty. We are such bad influences on each other its unreal.
I recently added up the total of everything I tend to use on my face day-day and it came to a whopping £286.79!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying very hard to think of more things right now .............ummmm................

I first starting watching Pixiwoo on YouTube and I became totally hooked, this then further expanded to various other beauty YouTubers of whom i regularly watch. ( a post to come me thinks)
I recently started ordering Glossybox and have had the last 3 months of (Nov, Dec, Jan) all of which I loved and will try to combine them into one post ASAP. I'm currently waiting on the February Ed to arrive through my door, so a post is a coming!

So I think that's everything..... 

One more thing, I sure do love a bargain so keep checking my blogs for some fabulous Beauty offers, most of which will be from one of the following stores (UK) Boots, Debenhams, Superdrug, John Lewis.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Hi there everyone!

So here we are, my first post! Finally putting all that money I've spent on beauty products and the like to good use. Here I will be reviewing products I already own and enjoy, as well as products I don't. When I do go a little beauty shopping crazy, I'll keep you up to date. 

I'm hoping to do at least one if not more post each week, even if it is a short one on my latest products, reviews and general beauty updates. I also love a good bargain (Who doesn't I ask you?) therefore when I hear about a fabbity fab offer I'll be letting you know as well as everyone in my phone-book!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I look forward to reading your comments!

P.S. If you have a blog I would LOVE to read it so leave the link :D