Tuesday, 29 October 2013

L'Oreal Elvive Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz VS. Bumble & Bumble Bb Straight

Hey Guys, 

Today I'm going to be reviewing and comparing two, well four, recent purchases of shampoo and conditioner combo's, the first under £10, the second, totaling £50! So without further ado, Let the battle commence...

L'Oreal Elvive Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner - Approx £4.50 each.

Product Description - 'intense smoothing, enriched with Argan oil, nourishing hair and calming frizz for even smoothing right to the tips'

Packaging - Not really a fan of the loud orange packaging, but for £4.50 what can you expect eh?

Smell - The smell is ok, nothing special, having had another sniff, kinda smells of cleaning products...

Does it work? - So I've used this product several times before and I think it works, but only on a short term basis, after several weeks of using this product, i seem to get a lot of product build up on the scalp, nobody wants that do they? But if your looking for a quick fix on a budget, these guys are for you!

Value for Money - Great value for money, the price of £4.50 is for 400ml.

Overall Score - 5/10


Bumble & Bumble Bb Straight £25 each

Shampoo 'Start Smooth'
Conditioner 'Quiet Frizz' 

Product Description - 'Ultra mild, sulfate free cleansing keeps hair soft, smooth and reduces frizz. With non-damaging Cocen-straight technology developed to maintain straight styles and straightening treatments'

Packaging - I'm head over heels in love with the packaging of these products, they just look so appealing in the shower. And when squeezing the bottle only the right amount of product requires comes out, perfect for me!

Smell - the scent of both the shampoo and conditioner remind me of the 'Aussie' hair care range, all peachy and tropical. Heaven in a bottle. 

Does it work? - YES! I have instantly noticed after several washes that my hair feels considerably more soft and there's a lot less frizz going on here!

Value for money - I think we can all agree on this one, they're not in any way, shape or form value for money! At £25 for a measly 200ml they're pretty pricey. However I picked up mine in Boots recently and received £15 worth of advantage card points in return, so now's the time to try them out!

Overall score - 8.5/10