Monday, 13 January 2014

Clinique - Take the Day Off cleansing balm REVIEW

Today I'm going to review this cleansing balm by Clinique, this is the first cleansing balm I've tried and I've been lusting after Emma Hardie's super popular Moringa cleansing balm for months, but the hefty price tag has often put me off, enter Clinique! After watching Tanya Burr's skincare routine on YouTube  a while ago I instantly wanted to give this cleansing balm a go.

The take the day off range for Clinique is a popular one, containing a cleansing 'bar', a cleansing milk, a makeup remover and this cleansing balm. The price of the product comes in at a reasonable £21, more affordable than that of Emma Hardie status.

Should you buy this product?
If you like the luxury of a product, for example the scent and easy on the eye packaging, then no, this product isn't for you, head down to Space NK and stock up on Ms Hardie. However if you prefer a no fuss, no frills, and sensitive skin is one of your concerns, this cleansing balm might just fit the bill.

Value for Money?
Yes it may be a lot more money that of your average run of the mill make up remover, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and seen as though a little goes a long way with this product, I would say it does have value for money... Always a bonus in my eyes. 

Does it contain Mineral Oils?
Although I often read and listen to beauty You tubers banging on about mineral oils, I can't say I've ever taken much notice of this seemingly influential ingredient. However I understand that this product is free from these pesky oils and would definitely say I'm going to be steering clear of products that may contain them as my skin is looking it's best ever, I'd be a fool to go back to them.  

How to use:
Scoop out a finger tip sized amount of product and apply to a dry face, you'll notice the balm soon turns to an oil as you work it in to your skin, after you feel the product has combined with your makeup, you have 2 options, one, rinse off with warm water, or, as I prefer to do, use a muslin cloth or a flannel to wipe away the remaining makeup. I feel that this technique allows you to ensure all the days makeup is truly cleansed off. 

Where can I get my hands on it?
Online is your best bet. I've tried every shop in London, Manchester and Liverpool and NO ONE stocks this popular balm, Clinique please sort it out! But John Lewis often have it in stock on their website, and if they don't, they'll email you alerting you when they do - Genius!

All in all, you need it! What are you waiting for! Head over to John Lewis now!