Friday, 24 October 2014

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars for 2014

It's coming up to that time of year again, but whilst you frantically search for that awkward present for the friend from work, who you know is getting you a present, but quite honestly you have no idea what to get them..... read next weeks post for a little help on that one! I've made it simple to buy your advent calendar! But the advent calendar's featured below aren't like your average Cadbury's advent calendar with a Santa and Rudolph stuck on the front, Oh no, this is another ball game. 

Let me introduce.... The Beauty Advent Calendar.

Many cosmetic companies are now joining the club and have cottoned on to the fact that, no, woman aged 18 and above do not want a chocolate advent calendar, we want a box with 24/25(if were lucky) box, housing all manner of beauty products, some to try out, and some of our firm favorites, although, actually i think i'll pop to ASDA and get a Cadbury's one too. It'd be rude not too!

Listed below are my top picks of the beauty advent calendars for this year, follow the links to buy the products, but I would do it pronto as these sell out very quickly!

1. The Selfridges Advent Calendar 2014 
24 beauty products, from brands such as Lancome, Kiehls, Yves Saint Laurent. 
Priced at £85.50 and sells out REALLY FAST!

2. The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar 2014

'24 days of Joy' Any product with this motto on is definitely coming home with me! I have ordered one of these for myself, after seeing all of the products, and the price (£50) I was sold! The little minitures are great for weekends away and holidays, and allow you to test out lots of products, try it before you buy it as they say! 
Featuring Nail Colour, Body Butter, and Shower gels (see website for details)

3. You Beauty Discovery Advent Calendar 

Key word - Discovery. I LOVE the look of this advent calendar, so many great brands (Caudalie, rituals, Laura Mercier), it's like Space NK in a box! According to the website its worth £240 in total and it retails at £49.95 (plus delivery) but I think it's one of the best! 

4. Benefit Advent Calendar - Candy Coated Countdown (nice bit of alliteration there!)

 In at four, is Benefit's 2014 advent calendar, inside this lovely, candy themed packaging are 24 mini benefit beauty treasures, such as Benetint, Badgal lash, and they're real. I think this advent calendar would be a great gift for a younger girl, who's just discovering makeup, as it is ideal for trying and testing and the packaging is easy on the eye! RRP £60


The Jo Malone Advent Calendar
(available instore only)

First of all, look at it! It's bloomin gorgeous! Although £250, who wouldn't pay that amount for such beauty, I can't seem to find any information online, and after asking in store, they confirmed it is instore only. A girl can dream....