Friday, 12 April 2013

My Eye/Lip Liner Collection.

Hey Guys!

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So let's get on with the eye liner collection. As you'll notice I'm a BIG fan of green eyeliners, they seem to work really well with brown eyes, especially on the lower lash line, and as a 'brown eyed girl' I'm a gonna take advantage of that!

Eye Liners

These are a few of my favourite/worst eyeliners in my collection. Thought you might like to see both sides of the story! We'll work from top to bottom: Number 1 is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Pencil in 010 Silver. I love the pencil to use right in the corner of the eye as here it acts as a highlighter and on the outer corners on the lower lash line, however I personally don't think it looks quite right as a full eye liner. 

Secondly is the Mac Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Raven. The pencil is probably my most worn pencil due to it's great colour and how easy it is to apply. It's colour looks like a dark brown but it does have a hint of glittery purple. Who doesn't love a bit of glitter?! 

Number 3 - Mac Pearlglide Intense in Undercurrant - WOW. BEST PENCIL EVER. Not just because it's green but the finish the application. Everything. I normally just apply it's emeraldy goodness onto my lower lash line for the exotic look.

Next up: Mac powerpoint in Bordeauxline: I really like the powerpoint pencils by Mac but i wasn't wowed or amazed with this colour, it's nothing special basically, I just think maybe there would have been a cheaper option and have been just as good. 

Another Powerpoint by Mac - this time in So There Jade, NOW, this is much more like it, Perfect in colour and great in application, again super pretty on the lower lash line and waterline.

The last two contenders: NYX Jumbo eye pencils in 627 and 625 (Cobalt and Sparkle Nude) I serioulsy hate this product, frankly there awful in pigment and are utterly rubbish in application and worst of all, they stay on for all of 5 minutes, which is a BIG minus for me. I warned you!

Mini Make-Up Haul

Mini Make-up Haul! 

Hi guys,

So I went a little cray cray the other day when I popped into town with my blogger friend Jess (Go check her out here!) and ending up spending far too much money on not that much stuff :( it's always the way with make up.

Prices and links are at the bottom.

Hope you Enjoy.

See below for info and prices.

The first shop we went in was of course MAC, and due to my inability to leave that darn shop with a bag I ended up buying the Pearl Glide intense liner in 'Designer Purple' and since I already have it in 'Undercurrent' it seemed rude not to pick this little friend up for him! I also had to buy a new 217 brush as you can never have enough.

Next we hot footed it to Space NK, loyalty card in hand and ready to be used it was straight to the NARS counter, but a little cheeky peek was had at the Laura Mercier Foundations (convinced ourselves out of that purchase some how....) Here I picked up the much coveted Nars Laguna Bronzer and it's a lot bigger than I had expected, which obviously meant it HAD to be bought. 

Still in Space NK the lip glosses caught our greedy little eyes and there it was, heaven in a tube'larger than life lip gloss in ODALISQUE', this peachy toned lip gloss was begging to be in my makeup bag, and what convinced me even more was that the brush isn't a sponge applicator it's, well, more of a brush! It isn't sticky at all and has a great staying power. However I think these lip glosses are different to the usual NARS glosses as they are £1.50 more in price.

Technically I didn't buy this next product, a regular on the 'Best Primers' list its the Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish foundation primer. I found it creeping in my mums drawer, and didn't think she'd miss it, so it now has a nice new home! This primer is oil free, so it works great on my combination skin and actually does keep your makeup looking great for longer - highly recommend. 

And finally, Skincare, I kept seeing Pixiwoo (YouTube channel - if you don't who these two are GET OVER THERE NOW!) using this moisturiser on every video and talking nothing but good about it, but i thought it would probably be far too expensive, so when I saw 'Oilatum Natural Repair face cream' in Boots I had to buy it and I'm sure glad I did, great for the dry patches on my jaw and light enough to apply makeup over it might just be the best moisturiser I have tried yet!

Amy xxx

Price List:
Mac 217 Brush - £17.50