Friday, 28 August 2015

A Heads Up - The Body Shop Oils of Life

Yes, I know, It's been a while....Apologies!

As my love for skincare continues to grow (and keep havoc on my bank balance) thanks to a certain lady (if you don't read Caroline Hirons' blog what on earth are you doing here!) I thought I would give you guys a heads up on a tasty new skincare range which is launching in Body shop stores on the 1st September. The new Oils of Life range co-insides with their body care range known as Spa of the World, as both ranges use a variety of essential and seed oils with the intention of 'intensely revitalising' your skin. Sounds good to me!

The Oils of Life range includes 4 products and 1 facial massager.

- Oils of life twin ball facial massager

- Oils of life intensely revitalising cream
- Oils of life intensely revitalising gel cream (this contains AH-MA-ZING illuminating particles which give an insane glow to the skin once applied)
- Oils of life intensely revitalising bi-phase essence lotion (this is seriously fab, its basically a lotion which enables moisturiser to absorb into the skin quicker and more effectively)
- Oils of life intensely revitalising facial oil

FYI - Only the facial oil contains those illustrious essential oils, the rest of the collection is made up of a variety of seed oils (rosehip, black cumin and camellia seed oils are your main gals) 

I'm seriously loving the body shop products at the moment, particularly the Spa of the World Japanese Camellia Body Cream which smells beautiful and sinks into the skin almost instantly, and their Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask which helps to hydrate and nourish the skin whilst also helping to reduce and combat fine lines and wrinkles!