Monday, 11 February 2013

First Up....

Hellooooo there......

Ok, so when thinking about what my first blog post should be I had a couple of ideas floating around my beauty filled brain. The first a review, the second, an all time favourite's list and the third, a short but sweet introduction to me, myself and I. 

Eventually, no seriously it took a lot of thought, I decided on the former, but lets be honest it will end up being all three!

So here goes, 

I go by the name of Amy Burke
I currently study Primary Education at Edgehill University
I'm still a newbie in the scary transition that is University.

Moving swiftly onto the interesting beauty related bits....

I kind of love/on the verge of being obsessed with beauty and all it's glorious products.
I've somehow managed to avoid the fact that I am now a 'poor' student and really shouldn't be spending £29 on a foundation!
I'd say my obsession has grown in the last year or so
My friend, Jess, has travelled on this beauty journey beside me and is too fanatical about beauty. We are such bad influences on each other its unreal.
I recently added up the total of everything I tend to use on my face day-day and it came to a whopping £286.79!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying very hard to think of more things right now .............ummmm................

I first starting watching Pixiwoo on YouTube and I became totally hooked, this then further expanded to various other beauty YouTubers of whom i regularly watch. ( a post to come me thinks)
I recently started ordering Glossybox and have had the last 3 months of (Nov, Dec, Jan) all of which I loved and will try to combine them into one post ASAP. I'm currently waiting on the February Ed to arrive through my door, so a post is a coming!

So I think that's everything..... 

One more thing, I sure do love a bargain so keep checking my blogs for some fabulous Beauty offers, most of which will be from one of the following stores (UK) Boots, Debenhams, Superdrug, John Lewis.