Thursday, 15 January 2015

Haulin' - Cult Beauty

This week my student finance loan came in, which means only one thing, shopping!

As the money dropped into my account, my fingertips were already hovering over the C, U, L, T. (beauty ... that bits kind of necessary!) 

For once I was actually sensible (shock horror) and only ordered 3 items, but they were 3 products which I had been lusting over for quite a while. 

Let me introduce, The Wet Brush (Silver), The Original Beauty Blender, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (Soft Brown).

The Wet Brush: 
When I first saw other beauty bloggers review this product and label it 'the best hairbrush ever' I was initially skeptical, especially when tackling my mane of hair! (See previous post), however after trying it out for a week or so, I completely agree, it's much better than my tangle teaser, which just doesn't cope well with the thickness of my hair, the length of the bristles and the handle make hair brushing much easier with this. I also love this product because, as the name suggests, it's perfectly fine to use when your hair is wet, which is typically a no no with other brushes, but as I girl who pretty much only brushes her hair after washing it, this is the ideal brush for me! 

The Beauty Blender:
This is amazing. Go buy it. 
Need I say more!
Dampening this sponge makes it the most universal makeup tool. It allows you to apply foundation with a smooth, natural, even coverage (even with a full coverage foundation), and it's perfect for under the eye concealer  and spot concealing with it's tapered edge. Completely, utterly in love with this product.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz:
Having only recently become a 'brow girl' I thought it was time to try out this cult beauty product, see what I did there! It's teeny, tiny, nib makes penciling in your brows super easily, and full proof. When ordering online, I was worried about whether the colour would be right for me, but with the help of a detailed colour chart, soft brown was perfect for me! I'm now not sure if I'd use any other product. Although I am now tempted to try the DipBrow Pomade though!

See links below for prices etc. 

The Wet Brush 
The Beauty Blender
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz