Thursday, 14 March 2013

25 Things About Me ...

Twenty - Five things about moi...

Hey guys, so I thought I'd complete the popular topic on blogs atm myself and give you a little snippet into my life. So here goes numero uno...

1. My home is in Manchester, I was born in Carlisle, but now am currently in student accomodation at Edgehill University (Ormskirk, Sorry where? I hear you ask... Near to Southport/Liverpool)

2. Here I am studying Primary Education in order to achieve my quest to be a Primary school teacher. Obvs.

3. I enjoy going to watch Manchester City Football Club, i enjoy it that much I am the proud owner of a season ticket.

4. Crikey this is difficult. Erm OOOOOhhhhh I know, I'm a little bit obsessed with all things beauty related.

5. My favourite thing in life, and yes it is a hobby/sport is Shopping. Nothing makes you feel better than a little spending spree. 

6. Saying that, I'm very careful with my money, like I have multiple spreadsheets and everything.

7. I have two doggies, a black labrador named Olive and a younger Jack Russel named Penny.

8. I'm one of those people who is super organised APART from when it involves UNI work or school work, always last minute with those things. E.g. right now i should be doing work but here I am....

9. My favourite movies are without a doubt RomComs, If you look through my DVD collection, no word of a lie there all rom coms.

10. I don't know If i have a favourite film. Basically any movie with Hugh Grant in. What a guy. Really want to watch Notting Hill now.

11. I'm a chocoholic. So much so that every year I HAVE to give it up for lent in order to end up looking like an actual whale. So atm I'm 4wks and 1 day in. 

12. My most prized possesion is my Filofax. It travels with me day to day and contains EVERYTHING. I even bought little stickers with like cars and planes on to represent different things!

13. A biggie. I don't drink alcohol. SHOCK. Some people may think I'm boring or whatever, but I have my reasons.

14. There's nothing I love more than staying in and watching T.V. on the sofa. Quiet nights in suit me fine :D

15. I LOVE LONDON. This year I've been down once already, with my wonderful friend Jess (Go read her blog, it's fabbity fab 'Jess's Blog' and I'm going down again in a few weeks, then to see Michael Freaking Buble at the O2 in summer!!!!

16. I can't get drive, at nearly 19, this really isn't acceptable. I've been taking lessons for just over a year now and frankly I'm crap at it! Will keep trying though.

17. Miranda Hart, I would marry her. Now. What a woman, seriously though how can someone be that funny. Bear with.....

18. Nearly there. Ummmm. After a long reluctance to join any form of social media I finally caved in and got Twitter ( follow me at @Aburke94) this was mainly because of moving away to uni and keeping in touch with people etc.

19. One Direction. Need I say more.

20. Me and my mum and Dad have the same initails. AB. Helpful when cashing cheques, hehehehe.

21. My Mum's name is Alexandra Burke. Yes she did win X Factor....... (No, she didn't)

22. I own an INSANE amount Nail Polish. Like a ridiculous amount, I haven't counted recently but about 6 months ago it was at like 70. 

23. I'm constantly watching Beauty video's on youtube to get Buyspiration. My favourites include: Pixiwoo, FleurDeForce, SprinkleOfGlitter, Pixi2woo, ThePersianBabe, EssieButton and Zoella 28039.

24. Really struggling now. I make a bloody good Double Chocolate Chip Brownie. If you'd like to know the recipe/ see what all the chocolatey goodness is all about, leave a comment below.

25. Lastly, My favourite beauty product at the moment, out of ALL my collection would have to be .... dun...dun....dunnnnnnn....... NARS blusher in Lustre, as recommended by Zoella 28039, So thanks Zoe!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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