Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My Brush Collection : 1

Hey guys,

Firsly I AM SO SORRY! I've not posted for 2/3 weeks (who's counting? shhhhh) so this week I'm aiming to catch up with 3 extra posts. For the last 6 weeks Ive been on placement in a school so it's all been a bit cray cray. Apologies. Moving swiftly on to the good stuff.........

So today I thought I'd introduce you to my brush collection. Although I do love buying a new brush, I dont seem to have many to show for it! Literally itching to pop onto MAC right now. MUST DISTRACT MYSELF. In this post I though I might as well include eye and lip liners as there all kept in the same place... so read on.

So this is all my brushes, and also my eye/lip liners.
 So I love keeping all my make-up in clear acrylic storage mostly from MUJI feel free to check out there website, this pot was super cheap at only £2.25 and they also do a square version too. 
L-R : Bare minerals I.D. Concealer brush. Real techniques shading brush, RT's Stippling  brush, RT's blush brush, MAC 168.
Concealer Brush: (£21)

So we'll go left to right, so first up is the Bare minerals max coverage concealer. To be honest i probably wouldnt reccomend this brush, the only reason I use it is to stop myself from buying the MAC concealer brush 195. The good thing about this brush though is defintly it's size, it's the same length as an Iphone (yeah, I don't have a ruler ..) so perfectly fits in any makeup bag, unlike other brushes pfftt. 

RT's shading brush: (£7.99)

Another brush I have used as a concealer brush in the past. It works really well with MAC's studio finish concealer. It's smaller than most concealer brushes, but it works to it's advantage.

RT's Stippling brush: (£11.99)

Well where do I even begin! The brush is just amazing, brilliant, unfathomable. Literally the best brush in the world. I don't know how it does it but when applying foundation it simply creates the best application and finish. Your probably thinking that perhaps that's only with certain foundations, but i shall prove you wrong! I've tried it with multiple, I'm currently using the YSL touche eclat, and in the past I have used MAC Matchmaster and even M&S foundation (don't judge) and it works great with all.

RT's Blush Brush: (£9.99)

Not as an impressive CV as the stippling brush, this blush brush does exactly what it says, One of the things I don't like is the size of the brush , it's far to long length ways and doesn't need to be. With that in mind, I upgraded to MAC.

MAC 168 - Large angled contoured brush. (£26)

Whilst it's name says its 'large' it isn't it's more medium, although mine is currently covered in NARS blusher, it's normally (who am I kidding..) a lovely snowy white colour. I use this both for contouring and blusher, as it works really well either way. With this brush I find that a lot depends on the way you hold it and position it on your cheeks so work that out beforehand!

So guy's keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of my brush collection! 

If you have any brushes that you recommend I get the PLEASE let me know in the comments box below!!!

Thanks for reading, have a great day 


Amy xxxxxx