Wednesday, 9 October 2013

NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil - Mysterious Red - Review

The Review...

Over the past few days I've bought and being trying out the NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencils, after seeing the Nars Fall 2013 Ad campaign the evening before I was due to head into town shopping, the perfect pencil fast tracked it's way up to the top of my list, sod the makeup wipes!

With the 'limited edition' tag line looming in my mind as I shopped my way around town, I tried and failed at both Space NK and Selfridges. I even resorted to checking online during the walk towards each. With no such luck I decided to ask the lady on the NARS counter at Selfridges if there happened to be a similar colour, and of course there was... Cruella, obviously I marched straight to the till and whipped out my card.

Later that evening, sat back on the sofa, online shopping once again, my flatmate and fellow beauty blogger Sophie (The Beauty Room Blog) asked if i'd tried looking on ASOS, and da da da, to my joy, limited edition Mysterious Red was IN STOCK, never have I ever added to basket and pressed confirm before! And there still in stock for you too! ASOS . (Top tip, student discount of 10% can be used on beauty too!)

Up top: Cruella, Down low: Mysterious Red (Limited Ed)
When swatching the pencil, you'll notice the thick, smooth, velvet like finish of the pencil, once on your lips this feels even better. After application, the product almost 'dries' onto your lips, giving a great long wear application - there's nothing I love more! Today I applied my Mysterious Red at 11am and it's still going strong at 4.30pm.

The pencil like appearance of this product only heightens my love for NARS and this lipstick, being in pencil form it means that there's no need for a lip liner or a lip brush. Application is super quick and easy with only one coat needed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this NARS pencil to anyone who'll listen and think it's a must buy for any lipstick lover out there...

Amy xxx
Mysterious Red