Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fill your Boots!

A few days ago I unintentionally... found myself in Boots, yet again. It's a problem. I picked up a few bits, some oldies and goodies and some newbies. 

The 'Why do I not own you?' foundation:
L'Oréal True Match Foundation in Ivory.
I have been pondering over this foundation for months and months, ever since I started watching Nicole Guerriero's videos on YouTube. But I always found it difficult to find my shade, and it be in stock. After swatching countless colours on the back of my hand, i finally settled on Ivory, one of the palest colours... I need to get some sun soon! And after trying it out on my combination skin these last couple of days, I love it! I'd say it's medium coverage but buildable, and it unexpectedly feels light on the skin, not to dissimilar to the YSL Fusion Ink foundation. It smooths out your skin tone, and works really well with the real techniques buffing brush for application. 

The 'finally someone invented you' bobbles (hair ties):
Scϋnci Thick Hair Elastics 
So for me tying my massive Hagrid hair up into a sleek ponytail has always been a problem. Not helped by bobbles snapping every time i tried - the amount of Primark bobbles I have gone through .... So when I saw these new XXL hair elastics in Boots, I had to give them a whirl. Specially made from for us ladies with thick hair, this pack of 10 bobbles are metal free, therefore causing no damage to the hair, and allow me to wrap the bobble round at least 3 times to make sure it's all secure, i'm so happy someone has finally produced these! Thanks Scϋnci! 

(Am I the only one that calls them bobbles? Unsure...)

The 'you have sparkly packaging' purchase:
No7 Midnight Lash Mascara 
Do I need another mascara? Nope. Why did you just buy one then? Duh, it has sparkly packaging! Now No7 isn't a brand I usually go for, but with a collection of £3 off makeup vouchers, I felt the need to explore. This mascara promises 'spectacular volume' hmmm not sure about that one, but it is a mascara that is great for those, low key, barely there makeup days, and I like it for that, but if you buy this and expect long, fluttering eyelashes, look somewhere else! 

The 'I love anything travel size' razor:

Gillette Venus snap with embrace razor

The Americans have had this for agesss, and it's only just found it's way to the UK. The mini 'snap' razor is just the cutest thing, i just couldn't resist. The razor itself comes in its own little carry case, with holes in the bottom to aid drying out, such a good idea! It features 5 blades, making shaving just as good as it would be when using a normal sized razor. I can't wait to take this away with me!